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Handbook Service

Employee Handbooks bring everyone on the same page. The Project Pros can build you a tailored handbook to protect your business, educate your staff, and keep your business compliant with Federal and state laws.
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What your handbook Service will include

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Tailored Handbook to your company needs
Handbook agreement form
NDA Forms
Federal and State requirements of PST

What Our Clients Say

Linda W.
Mortgage Industry
"As a mortgage loan originator, my daily life is busy. Project Pros keeps me on track with consistent and efficient support. I appreciate their help to keep me in front of my clients, while they work behind the scenes."
Amanda P.
Holistic Practitioner
"Working with Project Pros is a delight. They became a part of my business at a time when I could no longer do everything myself and grow my business. I had never had anyone assist me in my business before and they were very patient with me as I handed over tasks. They helped me see my business in a new light which also allowed me to expand in ways I had not considered before. They were reliable, willing to learn, and very trustworthy. One of the added benefits is they have a team that could meet so many of my needs.”
Jean B.
Networking President
Working with Project Pros made my year as President of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Phoenix so much easier. As a business owner myself, who travels out of town regularly, having Project Pros gave me peace of mind that everything would get done. They managed the day-to-day aspects of our organization while transitioning from a previous group with little information. They were always prompt, worked diligently to provide excellent service to our board and our membership, and were even proactive in managing our needs. Lauri and Molly truly have servants’ hearts. Hire them now! You will be so glad you did- and you can get back to doing the visionary and growth things you need to do!
Angela G.
Speaker | Strategist
The team at Project Pros made it easier for me to do what I do best. They handle the ongoing tasks while I run the company. We brought Project Pros in during a major transition. They helped us to get organized and back on track. Project Pros ROCK!

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