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Administrative Support Services

The Project Pros administrative support can help you organize files, research, answer phone calls, organize emails, prep materials, pay your bills and so much more! Trust the professionals to take care of your task list, so you can get back to working your magic with your company!
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Admin tasks

Not sure where to start or exactrly what you need help with? We help our clients with everything from email management, research, and scheduling to implementing new processes. What do you need to get off your plate?

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Save Money
Working with Project Pros gives you the flexibility to decide what your needs are and tailor them to fit your company and budget. We’re keeping your productivity at a maximum and your costs at a minimum!
Improve Efficiency
When improving efficiencies, we give you extra time back. With the extra time, you can focus your efforts on growing your business and spend less time on the day-to-day operations.
Implement New Processes
When your process hinders your company’s productivity, call The Project Pros. We specialize in process improvement to reduce redundancies, project delays, and employee frustration.
Delegate Your Task List
Let The Project Pros take the busy work off your desk. We assist companies with all tasks, both small and large, so they can focus on their core competencies and cut back on operating costs by reducing the cost of labor.

Let Us Help

We are designed for and specialize in administrative support for small business. Our professional staff is trained on multiple software platforms, time management, and process efficiencies. We pride ourselves in being service oriented, so your patients, clients, and customers feel our smiles through the phone and are being taken care of as if you were doing it yourself.

Frequently Asked

Does Project Pros outsource in other countries?
No, our offices are in AZ and everyone works locally.
Do you charge hourly or do you have a flat rate fee?
We charge hourly for administrative services. Our state of the art time tracking system gives you an accurate account of time down to the quarter hour. Read more on our pricing page.
How will you be interacting with my clientele?
We love to get to know you and your business so well that we can speak your business’s language and cultivate great relationships with you and your clients.
I have specific systems I use, how does that work with your staff?
During our Initial consultation, we will discover what systems you have in place and together we can strategize on the most effective way for us to learn and get accustomed to your business.
Does Project Pros only work virtually?
We take pride in keeping your overhead low, by having our staff housed in our offices. We are happy to come pick-up any material and support your staff in any way possible.
What file and software systems are you familiar with?
We are familar with many systems, some of them include: Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, Asana, Slack, Notion, and more.

What Our Clients Say

Linda W.
Mortgage Industry
"As a mortgage loan originator, my daily life is busy. Project Pros keeps me on track with consistent and efficient support. I appreciate their help to keep me in front of my clients, while they work behind the scenes."
Amanda P.
Holistic Practitioner
"Working with Project Pros is a delight. They became a part of my business at a time when I could no longer do everything myself and grow my business. I had never had anyone assist me in my business before and they were very patient with me as I handed over tasks. They helped me see my business in a new light which also allowed me to expand in ways I had not considered before. They were reliable, willing to learn, and very trustworthy. One of the added benefits is they have a team that could meet so many of my needs.”
Jean B.
Networking President
Working with Project Pros made my year as President of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Phoenix so much easier. As a business owner myself, who travels out of town regularly, having Project Pros gave me peace of mind that everything would get done. They managed the day-to-day aspects of our organization while transitioning from a previous group with little information. They were always prompt, worked diligently to provide excellent service to our board and our membership, and were even proactive in managing our needs. Lauri and Molly truly have servants’ hearts. Hire them now! You will be so glad you did- and you can get back to doing the visionary and growth things you need to do!
Angela G.
Speaker | Strategist
The team at Project Pros made it easier for me to do what I do best. They handle the ongoing tasks while I run the company. We brought Project Pros in during a major transition. They helped us to get organized and back on track. Project Pros ROCK!

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