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Human Resources

No matter the size of your firm, some form of Human Resources (HR) management is necessary. Because HR is an umbrella covering a broad range of duties, it applies to every single business.
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Need one or more services? we can help!

Here at the Pros, we offer you the advantage to customize your HR services to fit your needs.
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A handbook is an opportunity to spell out to your employees what is expected of them, the company policies and procedures, any benefits, and overall standards you want to set.
Are you really compliant?
As a business owner, it is imperative to effectively forecast your labor requirements and employee development needs through proper training, to ensure compliance with polices and employment law.
Hiring is Time Consuming!
If you are looking for a certain type of candidate, sometimes you have to get creative. At Project Pros, we're committed to helping companies showcase their company culture and keep candidates engaged throughout the interview process.
We are here to help!
Our clients hire us to do various things from job postings to offer letters. You decide what you need and we can help!

Need one or more services? we can help!

Here at the Pros, we offer you the advantage to customize your HR services to fit your needs.
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HR Administration Services
  • Onboarding support including e-verification and all required documents needed to be in compliance.
  • Employee Records Management
  • Email Management
  • Payroll processing assistance
  • Unemployment claim response and DES calls
  • Writing job descriptions
  • Assistance in keeping compliance with policy and records
Handbook Services

Protect your business and keep all your staff informed by having a tailored handbook written specifically for your company. Handbooks are to be referenced for company-wide standards and expectations. Your handbook should also be in compliance with Federal and State standards, and we can make sure of that.

Start your inquiry for your handbook today!

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Consultation Services for Business Leaders and Managers

Don't have a dedicated HR professional on staff? Not an issue, we are here to serve Arizona business leaders and managers, by helping business leaders with solutions and avenues for their employee needs. We assist managers with solutions for all employee-related issues.

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What sets us apart?

HR professionals that will proficently handle your workload, and take the guess work out of your HR needs. We love working with small to medium businesses within any industry, making Human Resources a simple and affordable process.
HR Outsourcing (Interim or Long-term)
HR Paperwork and Admin Support
Compliance and Audits
Handbook Development
Policies and Procedures
Payroll and Benefit Management
Projects and Consulting

Frequently Asked

Is there a size requirement to use your HR services?
Our niche is companies with up to 50 employees.
Do you service companies outside of Arizona?
Good Question! We are certifed in AZ, but we are in the process of looking for partners to expand into other states.
Am I limited to the number of services I can select out of each category at one time?
No! Our HR services are totally customizable to fit your business needs.
What are the benefits of hiring a third-party HR company?
We get asked this a lot…We come in as a non-biased third party which allows us to effectively listen to and resolve any company-related issues.
Why should I use your services instead of a software?
The human touch! We have a team of HR experts to handle complex payroll, delicate employee issues, and difficult compliance situations. We give your business the support it needs.
Do you administer payroll?
Yes! Whether you are just starting to run payroll, use an established payroll company, or use payroll software, we can help. We're familiar with several payroll companies and software systems.

What Our Clients Say

Anthony F.
Design Agency
"Project Pros helped my business scale by assisting with hiring, onboarding, and ultimately creating a better culture within our organization. As a first-generation business owner, I truly rely on their team to answer questions that are crucial to our growth and long-term viability as a creative agency"
Jean B.
Consulting Firm
"After a year of working with Project Pros – their name says it all. Pro-fessional Pro-mpt! And a lifesaver for both assisting with tasks and HR that helps free up our organizational leaders to be visionaries and not stuck being ‘worker bees."
Susan H.
Cannabis Industry
“Lauri and her team at Project Pros are awesome and truly professional.”
Chad F.
CPA Firm
“If you are in business and have reached the point where you are ready for help with staffing so you can grow your business, I highly recommend Project Pros. They will set you up for success."

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