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Virtual Assistants: the future of HR for small business

Published by Project Pros on  May 26, 2022

No matter the size of your firm, some form of Human Resources (HR) management is necessary. HR is an umbrella covering a broad range of duties, it applies to every single business. Some of these responsibilities include:

  • Recruiting, hiring, training new employees
  • Employee paperwork
  • Federal and Arizona compliance requirements
  • Handling and keeping track of benefits
  • Promoting employees
  • Developing and enforcing personnel policies
  • Developing and enforcing disciplinary actions
  • Responding to worksite injuries/ accidents

The tricky thing about HR in small businesses is how to go about managing it as you grow. Initially, it is normal for the business founder to handle these responsibilities, but HR can quickly become a full-time job. Between compliance and paperwork management to employee reviews and terminations, time and money add up. As a small business owner you don’t have time to waste trying to learn confusing HR law, tracking benefits, paying employees, or employee management.

HR Going Virtual

As our world continues to become more and more digitized coming out of the pandemic, you are probably experiencing changes to your business. Maybe you’re hiring more or less? Maybe more or less people are coming into the office and more are working from home? Have you thought about back to the office strategies?

This is where virtual assistance comes into play. You may have these concerns, but you don’t have the demand to hire a full-time HR representative. Maybe your business isn’t constantly hiring? Or maybe you just need an employee handbook? Don’t hire a full-time HR representative when you can hire a virtual assistant, like us. At the Project Pros, we provide off site pay-as-needed HR services so that you can affordably manage your growing business without the added stress.

Benefits of Going Virtual

Let us take the time to invest in HR for the benefit of your employees to have an organized and developed process. Having an organized process for HR will make all aspects of your business easier. Finances, sales, and especially employees. We can help you hire, manage, discipline, and fire employees. From your employee’s perspective we are someone there to help them understand all of their rights and responsibilities, and to hear any complaints they may have. HR is a beautiful partnership between employers, employees, and virtual HR assistants. Don’t get left behind. Join the movement towards better, virtual HR for your business.

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