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Do you have a healthy workplace culture?

Published by Project Pros on  April 6, 2022

Every company culture is unique, depending on their offering, goals, values, and history. There is no mold or ingredient list for creating the perfect company culture- however, there are a few elements that support a healthy culture and work environment.

3 Actions for A Healthy Culture

On board employees who are a fit with your culture.

  • The interviewing process is good for more than just reviewing qualifications. It’s a great time to see if the candidate is a good fit for your culture. Have an idea of what you are looking for - what are the personality traits, attitude, and goals of the ideal candidate?

Have goals beyond just making money (see our other blog on making SMART goals)!

  • You must be passionate about what you are doing to give you that drive to continue working hard and sacrificing for your business. How do you reflect this to your employees? 2 ways:
  1. Lead by example. When your employees see how diligent and dedicated you are, your passion will inspire and motivate them.
  2. Have a strong mission statement and values. A strong mission statement quickly lays out to your employees why your company exists and what you’re working towards. This ensures that everyone’s passion is dedicated to the right things.

Set an expectation of work-life balance.

  • Talk to your employees and get to know them. If your employees feel so stressed out after coming to work that all they do is go home and sleep that’s a problem. It's a problem not just for them, but for you as well. One because they’re eventually going to get burnt out and quit, and two, because when they get burnt out and quit they’re going to go tell all their talented friends that your company is the worst company to work for and has no balance. This is a great way to lose current talent and diminish your future hiring pool.
  • Additionally, as employees get burnt out or continually frustrated with the culture of the company they will pass that frustration onto your clients and even their fellow employees.

If you feel like you need to make some changes to your business culture, today is the day to start. Take baby steps towards the culture you want and create a list of values and goals. Create your mission statement, and post it somewhere everyone in the company can see it. You will start to see who’s a good fit for your company and what changes you need to make.

Need help discovering values and implementing culture? Head over to our HR page or give us a call today 480.787.5700.

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