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March Madness & Team Work

Published by Project Pros on  March 28, 2018

Everywhere in life, we are surrounded by teams. Whether we are playing basketball on the courts or writing up a report at work, team members are always close by. With the Final Four rapidly approaching, we have seen many teams rise up to the occasion and thrive in the spotlight. We have seen an equal number of teams come into the tournament with high expectations, only to exit after the first round. What separates the winners from the losers, in this tournament and in life, is teamwork. Here are 4 ways to improve teamwork in your small business.

  1. Set SMART Team Goals
    1. Basketball is a sport of synergy. The goal is to put together five different players, all with different roles, that can come together and focus towards one collective goal.Setting goals needs to happen as a team and at the manager/c-suite level.
    2. Goals should be Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.If not we are losing out on valuable data and valuable time working on goals that “may get done” at “some point in time.” Then they sit on our desks for 5 months. It’s like planning a basketball season but never scheduling any games.
  1. Hire good Coaches
    1. Because every player on the court is acting as a specialist, it is the coach’s job to make sure there are no weak areas in the lineup for the opponents to exploit.  Businesses run a similar type of model, only there are usually more than five players on a team. The managers would act as the coaches, attempting to get their teams to produce the best results.
    2. It is the managers’ job to fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals working for them. In basketball, you wouldn’t substitute the center for the point guard. Just like in the working world, you wouldn’t make someone a receptionist who was not comfortable talking to people. The manager must know what their players are capable of and the best positions to give them.
  1. Get to Know your team.
    1. Head coach of Kentucky, John Calipari, writes in his bestselling book, “Bounce Back: Overcoming Setbacks to Succeed in Business and in Life”, “They knew we cared about them individually. I believe that gave them an even greater ability to care about each other – to be fully invested as teammates”. Coach Calipari shares this example to demonstrate how he builds success on his roster. By learning everyone intricately, understanding both their strengths and weaknesses, he can most effectively substitute them when the game is on the line.
    2. When it comes to workplace morale and creating good team work, consider getting to know your team by understanding how they operate. What do they do best? Who would be the best fit if you had to throw in a substitute?
  2. Utilize Outside Resources
    1. Don’t be afraid to admit that your don’t know how to handle a team problem. If you have HR utilize them as a vital member of your team and teamwork building strategy. If not our virtual HR team can be a tremendous help with teamwork strategies and setting SMART goals.

Follow these 4 easy steps, and we promise you will see a great improvement in team success.

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