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Who We Are

Meet Lauri

Lauri’s inspiration comes from her experience as a highly decorated athlete that won multiple state championships, awards, and scholarships. She understands that it takes dedication and intentional focus to realize a goal or dream.

Her experience in various companies and positions, gave her the executive level expertise to understand where and how help was needed in business and led her to create The Project Pros. Her background in human resources, bookkeeping, customer service, and sales gave her the insight to really understand what small businesses need. Lauri’s success, is also in part, due to her 5 years of running a non-profit, that gave her other valuable perspectives that she can bring in support of her customers.

Lauri’s intention is to help build and grow small businesses. She does this by aligning herself with a team of like minded, highly talented, forward thinking, energetic, and supportive people who love what they do and our customers can sense it.

Work-life balance has always been a very important value to Lauri. She likes to spend time with her husband Todd, daughter Taylor, and their two rescue dogs, Sassy and Little Boy. Watching Taylor play sand volleyball, traveling, and doing projects around the house keeps Lauri well balanced.

Meet The Team!

We are the Pros here to help you!
Operations Manager
Sherry loves bookkeeping, spreadsheets, numbers, and organizing things. She is a whiz at systems, operations, tweaking, and making things more efficient and cost effective. She has been doing full service bookkeeping since 2004 and is QuickBooks Online certified. She is a hard-worker and dedicated to the success of our clients and those she works with!
Todd uses his 25 years of sales experience to work with and for various clients on marketing and sales projects. He also jumps in on special projects, interviewing, and employee recruiting. Leveraging his business development experience, Todd also identifies prospective client relationships.
Ashton has a bright and pleasant personality and is highly talented. She works in our marketing team assisting clients with growing their social media presence. Ashton is pursuing her degree in fashion and often dyes her hair creative colors to match her personality.
Vanessa M
Vanessa is an organizational pro. It's this attention to detail along with her medical billing and coding experience that makes her an asset to the bookkeeping team. She is a QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor. Vanessa is a mom to 2 girls and an aspirational zookeeper with a dog, cat, turtle, and bird at home.
Alaura is a bright light in the Project Pros office. She lends a calm and kind presence to her quick and attentive work ethic. She is our Jane Of All Trades, dipping her toe into legal document preparation, bookkeeping, and acting as a virtual assistant to several clients. She is a QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor
Lisa joins Project Pros with years of bookkeeping under her belt, bringing with her a treasure trove of experience and a demeanor as cool as the ocean breeze. Lisa is a true visionary, having co-founded not just one, but two businesses in the watersports industry with her husband and daughter.
Lindsay is a compassionate and community-oriented professional who understands the power of giving back and making a positive impact on the lives of others. Her want to help our clients makes her the perfect administrator. When she isn't helping out those around her, Lindsay loves to go on crazy adventures like skydiving or off-roading.
Although Taylor exudes a youthful energy, she brings a level of professionalism and dedication that is well beyond her years. Her ability to balance creativity with a results-driven mindset ensures that her work not only captivate but also achieve tangible objectives and drive success. Taylor gets her dedication from years of playing beach volleyball.
Lianna is a bright and dedicated member of the Project Pros team. She manages our internal databases with detailed precision to ensure our office runs smoothly. When she's not at work, she's studying in the ACE program as a dual enrolled high school and college student working simultaneously towards her high school diploma and associates degree.
Phone Answering
Shannon brings her welcoming and charming personality to the team by ensuring that she connects with the person on the other line of every phone call she takes. She's a natural at answering the phone with a smile, a trick she picked up while fronting a Carrie Underwood cover band on weekends. She's also a mother of 2.

Our Goals


We strive to be as efficient as possible, giving our clients the support they need to concentrate on other areas of their business!


We know how important communication is and always try to make ourselves accessible in the way that best meets our clients expectation.


Small business is our passion and by providing services that meet our customer’s specific needs, we help them reach their goals and growth potential.

Leave it to the Pros

Don’t have enough time in the day? Only getting the first couple of tasks done on your list in between phone calls, employee issues, and running payroll? Having trouble finding and keeping employees?

Let the Project Pros help. We can tackle all of these problems plus many more.
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Project Pros Principles

Our Guiding Values and Fundamental Beliefs

Walk the talk

Integrity creates trust. We walk hand-in-hand with you to operate as an extension of your team and your business. We do what we say we are going to do for every action, every day with honesty, fairness, and respect.


Our team is the “bee’s knees.” Collaboration is at the heart of meaningful change. For the good of the whole, we evaluate, improve, and foster a more stable and sustainable culture.


You experience the magic when we help maximize efficiencies. Each employee’s perspective is unique, and we lean into their strengths and let them learn from one another and from our clients.

Shoot for the Stars

Client-first attitude is our favorite cheer. It’s all about you and serving your customers. When customers love your customer service, 5-star ratings and loyalty shine through for you and for us.


When you team up with us, you have access to the entire tribe. You get the skill sets and talents from experts who make life a little simpler and give you more capacity to grow. A good team is a gift.

Featured Testimonials

David J.
Child Advocacy
"Lauri Erickson and the team at Project Pros are amazing. After I started my business I needed to scale up, and with their expertise they helped me build and execute a plan to accomplish and exceed our growth goals. Highly recommend Project Pros."
Marjorie D.
Law Firm
"Project Pros is cost effective. They provides longer hours than you would hire someone to be in the office for better coverage. Plus, there's no sick days, leave, or vacation you have consistent coverage. If one person is on the phone then someone else can pick up the phone."
Cody S.
Pest Control
"Its like having an extra staff member without the hourly rate. They are professional and very polite on the phone and take great care of our customers. We receive an email message with great detail on who the caller was and what they needed. It was super easy to set up and has been super convenient to keep going. The People at Project Pros are top notch and down right good People. Their Communication is 1st rate!!"
Kenny W.
Coach and Public Speaker
"What I like about The Project Pros is how reliable they are, how thorough they are, and how creative they are while being fun and easy to work with."

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