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Who We Are

Meet Lauri

Director of Awesomeness
Lauri’s inspiration comes from her experience as a highly decorated athlete that won multiple state championships, awards, and scholarships. She understands that it takes dedication and intentional focus to realize a goal or dream.

Her experience in various companies and positions, gave her the executive level expertise to understand where and how help was needed in business and led her to create The Project Pros. Her background in human resources, bookkeeping, customer service, and sales gave her the insight to really understand what small businesses need. Lauri’s success, is also in part, due to her 5 years of running a non-profit, that gave her other valuable perspectives that she can bring in support of her customers.

Lauri’s intention is to help build and grow small businesses. She does this by aligning herself with a team of like minded, highly talented, forward thinking, energetic, and supportive people who love what they do and our customers can sense it.

Work-life balance has always been a very important value to Lauri. She likes to spend time with her husband Todd, daughter Taylor, and their two rescue dogs, Sassy and Little Boy. Watching Taylor play sand volleyball, traveling, and doing projects around the house keeps Lauri well balanced.

Meet The Team!

We are the Pros here to help you!
Baby Bean Counter
Ashton, has a bright and pleasant personality and is highly talented. She works on a variety of administrative tasks, data entry, phone services, and is instrumental in our bookkeeping services. She also works closely with our virtual office assistance team.
Collector of Business Cards
Todd uses his 25 years of sales experience to work with and for various clients on marketing and sales projects. He also jumps in on special projects, interviewing, and employee recruiting. Leveraging his business development experience, Todd also identifies prospective client relationships.
Vibe Manager
Molly is very hardworking and versatile with proven customer service, time management, and organizational skills. She is instrumental in overseeing our administrative customers and taking the lead with them in a variety of industries because of her knowledge. Molly also orchestras our social media and updates the website to keeps Project Pros forward thinking and relavant.
Jane of All Trades
Katie’s calm, gentle demeanor and smiling face gives our staff and customers a sense of trust and assurance of a job done right when it comes to inbound phone calls. She is our Phone Services lead liaison and also handles some HR and administrative clients. Katie is very hard working and her attitidue is infectious which helps create an amazing working environment.
Money Maestro
Sherry loves bookkeeping, spreadsheets, numbers, and organizing things. She is a wiz at systems, operations, tweaking, and making things more efficient and cost effective. She has been doing full service bookkeeping since 2004 and is QuickBooks Online certified. She is a hard-worker and dedicated to the success of our clients and those she works with!
Magic Eraser
Darien is a strategic thinker with a calm, measured demeanor that makes him at home in his role as an HR Coordinator. He gives support to several of our HR clientele. Darien is adept at organizing processes and making them as efficient as possible. He is a multi-talented individual who assists with Project Pros internal controls as well as helping to implement customer projects.

Our Goals


We strive to be as efficient as possible, giving our clients the support they need to concentrate on other areas of their business!


We know how important communication is and always try to make ourselves accessible in the way that best meets our clients expectation.


Small business is our passion and by providing services that meet our customer’s specific needs, we help them reach their goals and growth potential.

Leave it to the Pros

Don’t have enough time in the day? Only getting the first couple of tasks done on your list in between phone calls, employee issues, and running payroll? Having trouble finding and keeping employees?

Let the Project Pros help. We can tackle all of these problems plus many more.
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Project Pros Principles

Our Guiding Values and Fundamental Beliefs

straight shooter

Integrity creates TRUST. As an organization, collectively, it’s our most valuable asset. Individually, it’s the constant choice to infuse every action with honesty, fairness, and respect for clients and colleagues alike.


Continuous IMPROVEMENT, which is what Project Pros is always striving to accomplish. Being able to evaluate ourselves and make any necessary changes or adjustments is the very catalyst for greatness and being the best we can be for our customers!


As the definition states… PARTNERING with Project Pros will produce a combined effect greater than the sum of its seperate entities. We strive to maximize and grow your business with you through services tailored to meet your company’s specific needs.

Raving Fans

Our clients are our number one priority. We lead with a “client-first” attitude, custom support, and professionalism in order to exceed all expectations. CUSTOMER SERVICE is critical in every business and we treat your clients the same way we treat you.

Dream Team

By teaming up with Project Pros you get the skill sets and expertise of our entire team that is designed to meet specific aspects of business, where it is needed most. We help create processes that will take your business to the next level and cost you a fraction of what it would to hire the equivalent.

Featured Testimonials

David J.
Child Advocacy
"Lauri Erickson and the team at Project Pros are amazing. After I started my business I needed to scale up, and with their expertise they helped me build and execute a plan to accomplish and exceed our growth goals. Highly recommend Project Pros."
Marjorie D.
Law Firm
"Project Pros is cost effective. They provides longer hours than you would hire someone to be in the office for better coverage. Plus, there's no sick days, leave, or vacation you have consistent coverage. If one person is on the phone then someone else can pick up the phone."
Cody S.
Pest Control
"Its like having an extra staff member without the hourly rate. They are professional and very polite on the phone and take great care of our customers. We receive an email message with great detail on who the caller was and what they needed. It was super easy to set up and has been super convenient to keep going. The People at Project Pros are top notch and down right good People. Their Communication is 1st rate!!"
Kenny W.
Coach and Public Speaker
"What I like about The Project Pros is how reliable they are, how thorough they are, and how creative they are while being fun and easy to work with."

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