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Deed/Legal Document Services

When you have change needed to a deed, Project Pros is the team to hire. We prepare, notarize and submit for recording your newly revised deed. Our experience leaves you with the reassurance that your deed is prepared and recorded properly while giving you the speed and affordability you are looking for.

We have a legal team that reviews the deeds for accuracy. If you are needing legal advice in coordination with your deed, we can set up a consultation with our legal team at an extra cost. It is important to note that a legal document prep service only is not meant to replace the services of an attorney.
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Why use a Deed/Legal Prep Svc?

Project Pros are ready to prepare deeds for your real estate transactions with a proven track record for consistency and timely service. We are here to assist you by providing services at affordable prices.
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Professional Outsourcing Company
The documents prepared at Project Pros Deed/Legal Prep SVC are tailored to the unique needs of each client, ensuring our clients documents are of the highest quality and accuracy possible.
Lower costs
Many living in Arizona believe that attorneys are the only available and reliable option whenever you need legal documents prepared. Using Project Pros gives you the same professional experience at less than half the cost of an attorney.
Speedy turnaround of draft preparation
The advantages of a Deed/Legal preparation service is the that the process takes half the time of most attorneys and is more cost effective,.
Access to latest technologies
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When would I need Deed/Legal Services?

Warranty Deeds
To add or remove a spouse or partner
Property Transfers
Business Related
Adding someone to a Trust or LLC
To save money

Frequently Asked

Will you meet client outside of your office?
We perform all notary services at our Tempe location. If you are unable to travel to Tempe, AZ, we can refer a mobile notary service at a separate cost.

What are some common Deeds Project Pros will prepare?
Name Change, Adding a spouse to a property, Creating a Business (Sole Proprietorship, LLC, Partnership, etc.)
What Are The Benefits of Hiring A Document Preparation Provider?
Affordability, Accuracy, Fast Turnaround
Is the Deed/Legal doc prep a lengthy process?
No, this is one of the benefits of using us to do your document preparations! A regular turn around time is within 2 weeks.
Can I sign in person?
Absolutely! We are locally owned and operated and all signings are done in person at our Tempe, AZ location.
Do you provide legal advice?
We are document preparers only, and do not provide legal advice. If legal advice is needed, we refer to our local legal team that reviews the deeds for final accuracy. A short consultation may be all you need with the legal team! They have affordable consultation fees to keep prices manageable.

What Our Clients Say

Rob M.
Real Estate
"Affordable & trustworthy legal advice for a real estate transfer, fast & friendly too!"
Marjorie D.
Law Firm
"Project Pros is cost effective. They provides longer hours than you would hire someone to be in the office for better coverage. Plus, there's no sick days, leave, or vacation you have consistent coverage. If one person is on the phone then someone else can pick up the phone."
Cody S.
Pest Control
"Its like having an extra staff member without the hourly rate. They are professional and very polite on the phone and take great care of our customers. We receive an email message with great detail on who the caller was and what they needed. It was super easy to set up and has been super convenient to keep going. The People at Project Pros are top notch and down right good People. Their Communication is 1st rate!!"
Kenny W.
Coach and Public Speaker
"What I like about The Project Pros is how reliable they are, how thorough they are, and how creative they are while being fun and easy to work with."
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