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Phone Services

The Professional Answer for Your Business…

You work hard for your customers and missed phones calls can shake the trust in those relationships and cost you money. When we answer your phones, you won’t miss any calls when you are out in the field or busy with customers. And we capture the exact information you want and need to effectively follow up with your customers. Because we charge by the minute, we are cost effective. You aren’t paying for an employee when the phones are slow.

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Top Benefits

You never miss a call.
No automated calls. You get a real person.
Overflow phone support during your peak hours.
All your calls stay locally in AZ. We never outsource.
We have the phone when you're not in the office.

How it Works…

Your customers call your number which is forwarded to our receptionist.
The receptionist greets them with a personalized greeting and your business name.
The receptionist can either transfer the call, schedule an appt., or take a message.
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Can't Do Everything?
Not sure if you are ready to hire an employee to answer the phones? Need some help, so the ringing doesn’t keep interrupting you? Let us answer your phones so that you can concentrate on your business!
Will I value your service?
The Project Pros employ phone staff with excellent communication skills. We extensively train our staff and get regular feedback from customers to ensure that your expectations are being met.
Why hire us vs an employee?
Cost savings and convenience! Our thoroughly trained staff answer your phones and only that. You pay a flat rate for only the calls they answer for your business while benefiting from our staff being available from 8a-5p M-F.
Can I afford this?
The Pros will work with you to analyze your needs and then help to find a phone solution that fits within your budget.

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The Project Pros is a small business that is designed to partner and support other small businesses. Our customer list is varied and includes a number of professional services in high-touch, information-sensitive industries. Your patients, clients, and customers are in good hands with Project Pros Phone Services.
Accounting Firms
Law Firms
Chiropractic / Holistic Offices
HVAC Companies
IT Companies
Pest Control
The list goes on and on….

Frequently Asked

Do I need to use a certain phone system?
No! We have a robust system that you will forward your phone number to. We then create a unique phone log and communication system that works for you.
Do I have to provide a phone script?
During our initial consultation, we work with you to establish what verbiage you prefer to use with customers/clients/patients. Regardless of your choice, we'll handle each call with care and professionalism.
How will I receive messages?
We can simply take a message, screen calls prior to transferring them, or get into your software and schedule appointments. We'll collaborate with you to figure out what works best.
Are you familiar with scheduling softwares like Calendly, Acuity, HubSpot, etc.?
Yes, and during our consultation, together we can determine the right mode of communication to fit your needs.
Do you also do chatbot or chat messaging with clients?
Yes! We are happy to answer your customers from 8am – 5pm, Monday – Friday through your software.
Do I have to hire you all day?
This is one of the amazing benefits of working with Project Pros, you get to decide what you need, for how long and when.

What Our Clients Say

Cody S.
Pest Control
"It's like having an extra staff member without the hourly rate. They are professional and very polite on the phone and take great care of our customers. We receive an email message with great detail on who the caller was and what they needed. It was super easy to set up and has been super convenient to keep going. The People at Project Pros are top-notch and downright good People. Their communication is 1st rate!!”
Marjorie D.
Law Firm
"Project Pros is cost effective. They provides longer hours than you would hire someone to be in the office for better coverage. Plus, there's no sick days, leave, or vacation you have consistent coverage. If one person is on the phone then someone else can pick up the phone."
Sheree W.
Law Firm
"It's evident that the team at Project Pros is committed to engaging with new and exciting clients with utmost care. Your dedication to providing excellent service and genuinely caring about the clients is truly commendable.
Thank you for your continued efforts."
Alison M.
Service Industry
"These guys are lifesavers! I would not have been able to grow my buisness as quickly as it has without the constant support we have gotten from the Project Pros. I highly recommend utilizing their services!"

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